Saturday, June 22, 2019

How to Make a Movie from your Best Selling Book - Brain Drain

Brain Drain - Best Science Fiction Movie EVER!  




Everything in the universe is composed from waves.  This is not only in the ocean.  Your brain also gets its thoughts from the waves of energy created by Atomic power.  You didn't know that - huh?  But now you do.  

So, what can you do with this interesting and extremely profound information?  You can slowly take full control of your life.  That's all.  If you're not interested in better guidance and planning for your life's story - then this book may not be for you.

What would you do if they took your brain and put it into a tank and kept it alive to study it?




OK as Promised.  Here's the scene in Star Wars where Luke has stumbled upon old Ben Kenobi out in the desert and they're inside his little hovel.  Ben - Obiwan - starts to explain about Luke's father and all about the FORCE.

He tells Luke - "The Force is created by all living things.  It surrounds everything and protects us all from evil."

NOW - how could George Lucas have written that scene better?  Well, first of all, for 1977 when this movie came out- George didn't have a ton of information about the Force as we do now, so we have to forgive him  -  AND by the time we're doing the Disney versions of his story - someone has corrected his interpretation of the Force and corrected him.

The Force can't be created by all living things because for the force that we create to surround the rest of the universe is of course improbable.

George could have put into Obi-Wan's mouth instead - "The Force is created FOR all living things.  It surrounds everything and protects us all from evil."

See how changing one word can make all the difference?  Well, if you truly want to learn about The Force - and there really is only ONE FORCE - Einstein suspected this but could not prove it.

We PROVE Einstein's Unified Field Theory - as he called it - and we did it by inventing a new number that Einstein did not enjoy.  We do enjoy the new number and it makes all of Einstein's calculations about Space/Time - including the Unified Field Theory - PROVE OUT.

Because, as it turns out ZERO, invented about 2,500 years ago, has TWO effects on the universe.  Zero can mean Absolute Zero - complete nothingness OR it can mean an infinite Zero.  Thus my new number.


NOW - IF your brain waves are in HIGH GAMMA right now - You're doing something right.

Your brain waves come in just about where Gravity Waves were found by LIGO in 2015.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  

If you think it is a coincidence - try this on for size.  The Gravity Waves that we discovered in 2015 had been traveling from their point of origin at the convergence to two BLACK HOLES approximately 1.3 Billion Years Ago, just the time on the Earth when life as we know it got going.

THEN, on Sept. 15th, 2015, the operators at LIGO (Large Interferometer Gravity Wave Detector) turned on the most sophisticated scientific experiment in history - and went home to get some rest.  50 years in the making - when they turned the instrument on - they immediately caught the first Gravity Waves ever discovered actually WHISTLING across our planet.  If they had turned the device on just ten minutes later, they would have missed it.

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